MSF Support GoMotorsport @ Autosport Show


The BTRDA Drive Nissan Micra was on display at the Autosport show this year on the GoMotorsport stand.

The BTRDA is always keen to encourage new younger members into motorsport, and the GoMotorsport inniative is a fantastic way of doing this.

Twelve months previously the Autosport show was where the Micra's prime sponsor Matt Humphris was found and without his support in 2009 this would not have been possible.

Vice Chairman Josh Veale said its fantastic to be back at the Autosport show and get all our sponsors names in such a prestige show. Without our sponsors we wouldnt be able to run Drive.

Not only did BTRDA Motorsports Future supply the Nissan Micra, reigning BTRDA and MSA Autotest Champion Alastair Moffatt's Mini Special was on display next to the Micra. Personel were supplied to Gomotorsport throughout the four days trying to highlight the accessibility of motorsport to the young and particularly under 17's.


With thanks to Will Barnes, Josh Veale, Duncan Stephens, Jo Preston, Sophie Bennett, Paul Bennett, Sam Williams, Jeni Howell, Alistair Moffatt, John Moffatt, Nick Pollitt, Steve Layton for helping on the stand.