BTRDA History

It was 1938, and a band of triallists met up on the way home from an event in the Cotswolds.

The story goes that they were discussing the variance of quality in events, and so there and then the British Trial Drivers Association (BTDA) was formed.

Their ideal was to encourage a high standard of organisation, and to assist clubs to do so.  The result was a BTDA Championship comprising the best club events in the UK, with a Championship to attract competitors and produce a worthy winner.

In those early years the only Championship was for Sporting Trials, but in the 1960s Production Car Trials (now Car Trials) and Driving Tests (now Autotests) were added. The now famous Gold Star Rally Championship had been running for some years, and this joined the party, making the BTDA become the BTRDA – British Trial and Rally Drivers Association.

Rallycross and Allrounders Championships were added in the 70s and 80s, together with a variety of Junior challenges, and the latest venture into AutoSolo with a Championship for newcomers to motor sport.

One of the original founding members was the late Denis Flather, a wonderful character and one of only 4 Presidents since 1938. His ideal of enthusiasts promoting the best Championships for the best competitors lives on.  The current President, Mike Broad, promotes the BTRDA as “serious fun”.

2018….  nearly 80 years of motor sport, over 100 events annually, 8 major Championships…BTRDA…..serious fun.


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