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The Allrounders Championship began in 1975 when it grew out of the BTRDA Triple Clubmans Championship (originally conceived to give out of work rally drivers some sport when it seemed that rallying was unlikely to take place in 1974 – remember the three-day week and the petrol shortage?) to become the Victor Ludorum of the BTRDA. The Championship carries BTRDA Gold Star status and five major trophies are awarded: Champion, runner-up, third, Best under 25 and an award to the qualifier scoring the most points with the same car, all qualifiers also receive an award.

For 2017 once again the Allrounders has 8 categories – AutoSOLOs, Autotests, Car Trials, Asphalt Rallies, Forest Rallies, Rallycross, Sporting Trials and Speed Events (National A or B Autocross, Sprints and Hill Climbs). Points are scored on a class basis from a competitor’s best 6 events in at least 3 categories, with no more than 3 scores from any one category with the exception of Speed, as these are non-BTRDA Championship events, in which a maximum of 2 can be counted. For example: 2 Autotests, 2 Car Trials and 2 Sprints or 3 AutoSOLOs, 2 Sprints and 1 Sporting Trials.

You can compete in a standard road going car in the BTRDA Autotest (in which there is now a specific Class for Road Cars) and Car Trial Championships as well as in many sprint and hill climb speed events.  AutoSOLOs are only for road going cars, so is an ideal category to use any vehicle which is registered for road use and driven to events.


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  • 7th January 2019

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