MSF Profile – John Fox



Name – John Fox

Hometown – Nottingham

Age – 26

Disciplines you support / compete within – Autosolos and Autotests.

Plans for 2010 within motorsport – Mainly autosolos as I'll be too old for the newcomers challenge this time next year, and it's about all I can afford just now!

What is the average cost of an event you compete on – An Autosolo is around £25 entry + your travel and tyres through the year.

How did you get started in motorsport – I found motorsport because of MSF…well, I found it at a very young age and got a glimpse of the real thing in the IMechE's Formula Student competition whilst studying Automotive Engineering. If it hadn't been for what MSF are doing though, I'd still be thinking I needed to hold up a bank to get involved.

When was your first event – That would be an Autotest in the Micra. I can't remember where due to my appalling memory, but I remember it being stressful at the start, and fun at the end. I'd advise anyone thinking of Autotesting to give Autosolos a go first, to get into the rhythm and demands of a full day's motorsport.

How long have you been involved in motorsport –Competing since Drive '08.

High points of your involvement – Difficult…maybe winning the Drive '08 competition really, as without that I'm sure I wouldn't have had the kick from behind that sees me competing again this year…or perhaps my first FTD on a solo, up at Lymm services.

Low Points – Possibly realising I do not have the patience for trialing…or at least not till I grow up a bit anyway…my brain wants to get to the top the same as anyone's, except mine wants to do it quicker than everyone else. Julian Archard showed that when it comes to being calm and collected, he'd got my number at 16 years old!

Future plans – After taking over the world (to raise funds) I would like to move into rallying or track racing.