22nd November 2009

Johnson – Peterborough MC

Event Report


With one round to go Duncan Stephens has clinched his first MSA British Sporting Trial Championship. 

Duncan Stephens with regular passenger Bianca Wright won the Johnson trial on a tight scoring and remarkably dry day. With Ian Wright and John Fack finishing down the order and failing to add to their scores Stephens secured his maiden MSA Sporting Trial Championship, having finished second the last two years. Roland Uglow finished second overall on the day ahead of Julian Fack who had a clean afternoon and continued his recent run of good results. Roger Bricknell (Facksimile) finished top live axle car in fourth. David Rance (Crosslé) won the intermediate class by a mark from Stephen Barnes (Sherpa). David Zank (Sherpa) won the novice class. 



Organiser: Peterborough Motor Club Where: Melton Mowbary, Leicestershire When: November 22nd Championships: MSA, BTRDA Starters 33


1 Duncan Stephens/Bianca Wright (Crosslé) 34marks; 2 Roland Uglow/Laura Wilks (Crosslé) 37m; 3 Julian Fack/Meg Marrion (X-Factor) 39m; 4 Roger/Julia Bricknell (Facksimile) 41m; 5 Dave Rance/Joshua Veale (Crosslé) 52m; 6 Stephen Barnes/Simon Cowley (Sherpa) 53m; 7 Peter/Liz Fensom (Crosslé) 55m; 8 Ian Wright/Sophie Bennett (Sherpa Indy) 58m; 9 Steve Courts/Jim Knifton (Facksimile) 61m; 10 John/Maxine Fack (Crosslé) 61m; 11 Ian Bell/Russell Sharpe (Hamilton) 61m; 12 Calvin Kneebone/Maggie Stapleton (MSR) 65m; 13 Paul Price/Brian Wall (CAP) 69m; 14 Paul Faulkner/Gerrard Faulkner (Sherpa Indy) 71m; 15 Mark Seward/Andy Gowen (MSR) 81m

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