28th November 2010


Event Report


Andy Wilks led the Johnson sporting trial all day until the last hill where he hit a seven pole to hand the trial win to Ian Bell, despite Andy getting stuck on the road on the way to the venue eventually been rescued by a local passing farmer!

In snowy conditions these two were well clear of Roland Uglow who had had gas freezing problems during the morning. In fourth Roger Bricknell had auctioned off the passenger ride for MacMILLAN research and achieved his best result since installing a Suzuki engine. Martin Grimwood finished runner up in the intermediate class in sixth place and Arthur Carroll again drove very well to finish ninth and top novice having borrowed his fathers Sherpa Indy for the day.


1 Ian Bell 12

2 Andy Wilks 14

3 Roland Uglow 35

4 Roger Bricknell 37

5 Ian Wright 46

6 Martin Grimwood 47

7 Dave Rance 49

8 George Watson 66

9 Arthur Carroll 85 (1st green)

10 Steve Courts 85

11 Dave Oliver 103

12 Paul Faulkner 105

13 Paul Price 107

14 Richard Waterhouse 109

15 Ian Rodman 117

Event Details


Please Note that Lynn Jones is away so the trial has a new secretary!!


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