16th April 2011

Matthews Auto Salvage Trial

Event Report

Rupert North continued his dominance of Anglesey Car Trials to win the MAS trial, dropping just three points, ensuring he kept ahead of Duncan Stephens who hit a very costly five pole on the second hill without which he would have won. Dave Oliver's first run in a front wheel drive trial's car resulted in him dropping just one point on the hills on his first, but slower times on the timed sections dropped him to third overall, but still a great result in a car with very different characteristics to his normal Hillman Imp. John Moffatt would have finished third but the handbrake stuck on on a section costing him twelve and dropped him to fourteenth. Barrie Parker won the new car class once again but comparatively high scores limited him to fourth overall ahead of Richard Harrison with whom he shared the car.

Event Details

Please note that the eligibility date for Class 1 cars should read 1 January 1998, in accordance with Championship Rules.


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