25th June 2017

Knutsford Autotest

Event Report

Light rain greeted the competitors at Demon Tweeks’ premises for the 7th round of the Demon Tweeks BTRDA Championship. The slippery conditions saw championship leaders Malcolm Livingston (Lindsay Special) and Chris Chapman (RAW Striker)  challenged by Willie Keaning (Nova) and Dave Mosey (Mini) on the first round of three tests. With the rain continuing, Mosey took the lead by 2 seconds after six tests, with Livingston, Chapman, and Keaning collecting a 5 second penalty each.

The lunchtime scoreboard, after nine tests, showed Mosey with a 6 second lead over Livingston, with Keaning a further 4 seconds back. The sports cars of Chapman and former champion Richard Pinkney (Caterham 7) were a further 6 seconds down, but beginning to show their pace.

The weather changed for the six afternoon tests, and the drying conditions saw Keaning collect a 5 second penalty, falling back towards Chapman and Pinkney, whilst Mosey eased further ahead of Livingston. The final round saw Mosey collect a 5 second penalty, whilst both Livingston and Chapman remained penalty free. Keaning also collected a 5 second penalty, but Pinkney had a disastrous round, collecting a 20 second maximum penalty, leaving him 5th, well behind a deserving Keaning.


1st          Dave Mosey                       Mini 1430                                             765.9 secs

2nd        Malcolm Livingston         Lindsay Special 1600                        770.6

3rd         Chris Chapman                 RAW Striker 1800                              782.2

4th           Willie Keaning                    Nova 1600                                           783.5

5th           Richard Pinkney                                Caterham 7    1600                           811.2


Demon Tweeks BTRDA Championship Scores;-

1st          Malcolm Livingston         Lindsay Special                                  130 pts

2nd        Chris Chapman                  RAW Striker 1800                             129

3rd        Dave Evans                          Blitz Special 2000                              112

4th         Dave Mosey                       Mini 1430                                              97

5th         Warren Gillespie              Nova 1600                                             91

Event Details

Knutsford Autotest



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