2008 BTRDA Drive John Fox wins Autosolo Challenge


On Sunday 7th November John Fox won the 2010 BTRDA Autosolo Challenge.


John does not come from a motorsport back ground at all but when he saw the BTRDA Drive program advertised in Motorsport News in January 2008 to win a years free motorsport, applying was a must. Having been selected as the winner he showed great promise during the year, and then last year continued on his own to finish runner-up in the autosolo challenge.


2010 saw John doubling his efforts in a determined effort to win the challenge in the last year he was eligible. John won his first event overall earlier in the year and during the qualifying rounds drove superbly to win the class seven times, which was followed up again on Sunday with another class win and third overall at the final.


John thanked the organisers of the event and challenge during his challenge winner speach, saying it felt amazing to win and wanted to thank all those involved in BTRDA for giving me this fantastic opportunity three years ago and prove that someone off the street really can win big awards in a totally standard car.


The Motorsports Future group would like to congraluate John on this wonderful acheivement against some fierce competition throughout the year.