Under 17 Tester Day goes well

BTRDA Motorsports Future hosted an AutoSOLO Taster Day on the 21st March for the U17 Car Club, the day saw the two clubs strengthen their ties and help promote the natural next step in the young member's driving careers.

The day turned out to be a good one weather wise and was well supported by both the BTRDA and U17's with all having a hugely enjoyable day whilst learning the basics of how to compete in an AutoSOLO.

AutoSOLOs are seen as the entry platform to the grass roots motorsport scene and are especially suited to those who want to improve their driving skills along with having a great day out. BTRDA MSF ran two taster sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and a total of 18 U17 members participated in the taster day and then took up our challenge in encouraging and beating their parents, when they had a go!

Each group walked the test that we had laid out for them to learn the route and then they each had a passenger ride with Sophie Bennett and Will Barnes. This enabled them to see the best lines to take and get a feel for how the car behaves under breaking and acceleration.

A 'time to beat' was set by Sophie as a target and then the taster session began. Each participant had three chances in the Micra to get as close to that time as possible. In the final part of each session the challenge was extended to the parents of those taking part and to complete the test in their own cars. This was the favoured part of the day and with both the members and the more 'young at heart' rising to the challenge. Most of the kids beat the times set by the parents but it was taken in good spirits even if there were some instances of dented pride!

The Vice President of the U17 Car Club also had a go in his old MG and was clearly very impressed at the discipline and just how much fun it can be.

Josh Veale of Motorsport Future commented that he was "very pleased with how the day ran and a number of drivers showed real potential and are now very keen to have a go at a BTRDA event in the near future."

In attendance from the BTRDA was Steve Layton, Nick Pollitt and Mike Broad and they all noted how impressed they were with the day and that it was a delight to see the talents and abilities of some of the young drivers.

BTRDA MSF are looking to strengthen the links with the U17 Car Club further over the next twelve month period and are looking forward to working with them again.

MSF would like to extend a huge thank you to Matthew Humphris for completing further work on the Micra and for the use of his green Micra to complete demonstration runs. We would also like to thank the U17 Car Club for allowing us to hold the sessions and Mike Broad, Nick Pollitt, Steve Layton, Jo Preston, Josh Veale, Laura Wilks, Andy Egger, Will Barnes and Sophie Bennett for their help and attendance on the day.