MSF run AutoSolo taster day for Under 17 Car Club


This month will see BTRDA® Motorsports Future and the Under 17 Car Club enhance the ties between the two clubs.


BTRDA® is all about having serious fun at a low cost, and sees itself as a natural progression to any Under 17 Car Club member who wants to compete in motorsport following graduation from the club.
At a Warwickshire venue Motorsports Future will host an AutoSOLO ‘Taster' day whereby only Under 17 members can sign up to experience demonstration rides, and then drive the BTRDA Drive Micra. Two Under 17 members have already enjoyed the use of the now iconic Micra during the past two seasons on BTRDA® Autosolo's, Car Trials and Autotest's with great success.


Various course layouts are planned and a bogey time will be set in the Micra to give the participants a target to get as close as possible to.
It is hoped that the day will show just how easy it is to compete in motorsport, what fun can be had, and just how accessible AutoSolo's are in particular- as any road going car can be used.

In 2008 Julian Archard became the first winner of the U17CC Drive seat, and following a successful campaign of six events he was leant a Fiat by former MSA Car Trials Champion Garry Preston for 2009 and won the Bronze Star championship comfortably; upsetting many seasoned competitors!

2009 saw Sophie Bennett win the Under 17 seat and showed tremendous promise at AutoSOLOs and won the class in just her second car trial.