MSF Profile – Will Barnes

Name: Will Barnes
Hometown: Burton-On-Trent      
Age 26

Disciplines you support/compete within: Autosolos and Stage rallying

Plans for coming year: Have fun in compeeting and organising.

Average cost of an event you compete on:

  • Autosolos aprox £25 per event. 
  • Stage rallying £300 per event.
  • If your marshaling its  free and lots of fun.

How did you get started:                                           

Started in 1985 yes i was 2 watching and helping out the service crew on my dads group B lotus sunbeam!!

When was your first event:                                       

1999 and Production Car Autotest (PCA) called the Slithering Santa. Came 9th over all out of 30

How long have you been involved in motorsport:       

  • Helping out / watching 1985.
  • Marshalling in 1995.
  • Competing since 1999

High points of your involvement:                               

There have been many high points but one stands out. Winning an PCA outright by 25seconds in a standard fiat punto 1200cc beating the much more powerful cars.

Low points:                                                               

Bending the rear beam on my Fiat panda against a kerb in January 2010

Future plans:                                                               

The future plans are to have fun in the sport and advertise that motorsport is fun and should be fun. Also to become a better organiser of events and hopefully get involved in the running of the R.A.C. rally