MSF Profile – Laura Wilks


Name – Laura Wilks

Hometown – Staunton, Gloucester

Age – 20

Disciplines you support / compete within – Sporting Trials

Plans for the year within motorsport – I'm competing in the Sporting trials passenger championship- the Render trophy so hopefully we will have some good results in the second half of the season which starts in September.

What is the average cost of an event you compete on – As a passenger I don't pay an entry fee but it costs £5 for a year's passenger membership to BTRDA. My travel costs are usually covered as I can get a lift with my Dad or share the driving with Roland Uglow, the person I passenger for. Driving on an event typically costs around £30 + fuel etc.

How did you get started in motorsport – My Dad's usual passenger went touring round Europe for a month so he took me down to Cornwall to passenger for him for the weekend. I've passengerred as much as possible ever since.

When was you first event – As a passenger, the Robin Alexander Sporting Trial 2006, Delabole, Cornwall. We came 22nd!! As a driver, I did the Four Turnings Trial down in Cornwall a couple of years ago. I double drove that day and as a passenger we won the event and as a driver I came 12th

How long have you been involved in motorsport – Since 2007  as a full time passenger but have been going to motorsport events for as long as I can remember.

High points of your involvement – Winning the Robin Alexander last year and coming second at the championship final in January 2008. As a driver finishing just four points behind Dad at the Four Turning trial earlier this year.  

Low points – Not really been competing for long enough yet but you can get very cold & wet and the bruises can be pretty bad, however the engine letting go at the Pete Fear Pinford was a huge disappointment!!!

Strangest experience – Seeing my Dad's face when he realised that it was me that had driven the van following him all the way up the motorway to Peterborough. It was the first time I had driven on the motorway & the first time I'd driven a van!

Future plans – I just started at Loughborough university so plan is to keep doing as many trials as I can afford to both passengerring & hopefully driving!!