MSF Profile – Jo Preston


Name – Jo Preston

Hometown – Lichfield

Age –18

Disciplines you support / compete within – Car Trials (Production Car Trials), Autosolos, Autotests, Road Rallies, Stage Rallies.

Plans for 2009 within motorsport – To continue with the Car Trials championship and pick up the odd autosolo and autotest. I have already competed in the AGBO Stage Rally and the Tour of Cheshire Road Rally ( I was navigating because I hadn’t passed my test at that point).

What is the average cost of an event you compete on – Car Trials, Autosolos and Autotests all cost around £20.00 on average. Rallies are between £100.00 – £200.00.

How did you get started in motorsport – I didn’t have a choice. My did thrust me on to a hill and told me to give him a clear round (joke). I started off marshalling when I was very young and then, when I was old enough I progressed to driving. I started on Production Car Trials and went from there.

When was your first event – I started off helping organise events with my local car club doing the entries/results or marshalling. When I was old enough to compete my first event was Ilkley Motor Club's Car Trial in July 2001. I was competing in my own car having just passed my test and managed to finish the event without any damage to the car and with a huge grin on my face.

How long have you been involved in motorsport – 10 Years.

High points of your involvement – Being in the Motorsport’s Future Team of course, and when I beat my Dad on a round on a Car Trial event in May.

Low Points – It was the first time I had ever driven on an event. I parked the car up and left it a while. I got back in the car and went to reverse out of the space with my full lock on ( I hadn’t done it before), Not only did I hurt the man’s new Citroen C2 next door, but I also took half the bumper off my Dad car. EEEEK!!

Future plans – I want to win the MSA Car Trial Championship and I would love to try track racing.