Motorsport News selection day preview


The nine people featured on the below are the lucky finalists in the British Trial and Rally Drivers' Association/MN competition designed to give find new talent in motorsport.

The finalists were selected from hundreds of entries to the competition, which was created by BTRDA's Motorsports Future group to highlight how easy – and cheap – it is to compete in grassroots motorsport.

Entrants had to answer a simple question – what does BTRDA stand for? – and then justify why they should be selected for the shoot-out.

The winner of the shootout will get to use a Nissan Micra in a minimum of six BTRDA events – two Car Trials, two Autotests and two AutoSolos – this year.

The car will be fully prepared by BTRDA's technical team and will be transported to the venues, so all the winner will have to do is turn up and compete. The winner will also get hints, tips and training from the Motorsports Future's team of experts in the various motorsport discplines.

The second and third-placed entrants will receive free BTRDA membership for a year. None of the competitors have previously enjoyed a chance to get involved in the sport, and none have held a Motor Sports Association competition licence in the past.

The hopefuls will now attend a shootout at Bill Gwynne Rallyschool in Turweston, near Brackley, Northamptonshire.

They will be plunged in at the deep end, because a panel of judges including representatives of BTRDA, Motorsport News and Bill Gwynne Rallyschool will assess the abilities of the competitors.

As well as showing what they can do in the Micra and a gravel rally prepared Ford Escort Mk2, the finalists will be rated on their media skills, and will have to give a presentation to convince the judges why they should be selected over the other finalists.

MN will report on the fortunes of the competition winner as he or she embarks on their first full season of club motorsport and gets set to tackle some of the cheap and challenging events the BTRDA calendar.

To find out what happened on the day of the shoot-out, and discover who impressed the judges, read next week's MN.


Chris Cockrell

Age: 41 From: Fakenham, Norfolk

Why should you win? "I've been into the sport for 20 years but never had the finances to compete. Before I get any older I would love the chance to prove myself and also to have fun. I've missed the young person's boat, but I aim to be British champion in some part of the sport."


Anthony Oakensen

Age: 28 From: Hailsham, East Sussex

Why should you win? "As I approach 30, I know that motorsport will not make me rich or famous. I simply want to realise my ambition. I've no motorsport
experience apart from karting with friends, but I'm a policeman and I'm trained in response


Daniel Castle

Age: 20 From: Leamington Spa, Warkwickshire

Why should you win?

"I am at least as tall as Marcus Grönholm. I've done go-karting twice at a little track in my
hometown. My dad saw the competition in MN and thought it would be a good experience. He used to sprint in his Lotus Seven, so I've always been a fan."


Katie Blake

Age: 19 From: Oxford

Why should you win? "I'd like to encourage more female drivers into the sport and I think by letting a girl take the challenge I'd give greater inspiration to younger female
drivers. I've never done any motorsport before, but Oxford Brookes University has a motor club and I've got into it through there."


John Fox

Age: 23 From: Long Eaton, Derbyshire

Why should you win? "I spent 18 years
watching, three years designing/studying the cars at college and
university and the last two years saving towards having a go at the real thing – I'd love to get the chance while I'm still young!"


Andrew Fisher

Age: 46 From: Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs

Why should you win? "I want the chance to drive in competition like Jim or Roger Clark instead of on the road like Petula Clark. Friends of mine have got involved in motorsport, but I have never had the time, money and opportunity at the same time."


Sam Brown

Age: 23 From: Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Why should you win? "I've been doing
grassroots motorsport such as drifting for three years. I always wanted to get into rallying, but it was too expensive so I went drifting instead. This could be my big opportunity to prove myself and have a
fantastic time doing so."


Jay Allard

Age: 24 From: Belton, Leicestershire

Why should you win? "Rallying needs more female competitors and I think that I could help to fill this void if I was given this opportunity. I've not had any driving experience, but my dad
used to compete in club rallies, so I'm really keen to have a go myself."


Michael Lloyd

Age: 51 From: Weymouth, Dorset

Why should you win? "Look at my age – time is running out for me. I did a bit of banger
racing in the early 1980s, but that's about it. I have always wanted to do this sort of motorsport but never got there. This sounds too good to miss out on."