Latest Under 17 member shows great prospects Autosoloing…


Sunday 24th October will now go down in history as being first Under 17 Car Club member to be introduced to BTRDA Autosolo's, away from BTRDA Drive.


BTRDA Motorsports Future hosted an Autosolo experience day back in March for Under 17 Car Club where a number of their members were shown autosoloing and then drove the BTRDA Micra.


Zoe Freeborn thoroughly enjoyed the experience in March and her keenness and attitude towards it persuaded the Motorsports Future group to back Zoe and offer her the use of the Micra on a full event.


Zoe drove the Micra on Sunday's Oxford Motor Clubs Autumn Autosolo held in one of the Silverstone car parks, along with in excess of fifty other competitors. The last time the Micra was used was at the Abingdon Carnival Autosolo by Motorsport News Dan McCalla and British Touring Car ace Paul O'Niel.


Zoe walked the first long test with fellow Under 17 Car Club member Sophie Bennett, who was Under 17 BTRDA Drive representative last year. Naturally Zoe was extremely nervous initially, but very quickly settled down to set some very impressive times. Sophie was soon looking over her shoulder!


During the day Zoe quickly learnt that while walking the key was to plan ahead on lines for the coming corners which showed in her smooth lines and quicker times.


Despite it been her maiden event, and the size and speed of the event Zoe finished a very impressive eighth in class and looks like another Under 17 member to be watched for in the future. Zoe is now hoping to compete in the BTRDA Autosolo challenge final at Curborough on the 7th November.


A big thank you to Will Barnes and Sophie Bennett for helping Zoe on the day and all the other competitors who were very helpful over the day.