DRIVE’09 Winners Profile

Name – Sophie Bennett

Age – 16

Hometown – Oxford

How did you find out about the competition? – Through The Under 17 Car Club and last years scholarship winner Julian Archard.

Why did you enter the competition? – To experience a different, more competitive style of driving and to try something new.

What were your first impressions? – This is really fun! I enjoyed the excitement of driving fast without hitting any cones. Also trying to beat times set by my competitors.

What type of motorsport are you a fan of? / What have you followed in the past if any? – I don't follow a great deal of motorsport, however I would love to have a go at off road rallying.

What are you looking forward to the most in the year to come? – Probably the Autosolos, as they are really fun.

What are your aims for the year? – To beat Graeme at something!

Where do you see yourself in 2010? – Still studying, but hopefully continue with as much driving and competing as possible.