27th April 2017

2017 Sporting Trial Championship changes

Following on from the Open Meeting held in February, attended by representatives from BTRDA, NPTCC, 750MC, ASWMC and HSTCC (Historic Trials).
The meeting was hosted by Stuart Beare and was conducted in a very constructive spirit. The thrust of the discussion was how do we make it easier to compete?

As a result we completely re-jigged the existing Red, Blue and Green class structure into two divisions, Independent and Live axle, with each being split into just two classes, Red and Blue (the split being based on the previous year’s average score as before), plus a third division for Rookies (or novices, with up to two years or 12 trials experience, driving any car).

So on each event there will be five class winners, and we will ask our clubs to re-use their existing trophies, adding extras where required, so each class is competing for an award at least. In this regard the Committee has decided to offer, for the first year only, a small subsidy to clubs to help with any extra costs.

In addition BTRDA will run a year long Points Challenge in each Class in both divisions (Indy and Live), and will re-use our many existing end of year trophies for the purpose. Qualification for the Gold and Silver Star Final will be separate as usual, and will change to an average based system, so those who do fewer events will qualify on the same basis as those who do the majority of them during the year.

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