30th September 2012


Event Report

Tom Bricknell wins.


Tom Bricknell took the lead of the British Sporting trials championship at the Warco trial organised by Peterborough Motor Club with an emphatic win in very slippery conditions. Reigning champion Ian Bell finished second twenty points behind, ahead of Roland Uglow who tied with Josh Veale but competed the podium. Veale won the intermediate class by a large margin from Richard Robarts and also finished top live axle. Ian Fullwood continued to improve and won the novice class in fifteenth place ahead of John Cole.

1 Tom Bricknell, Crossle, 27points
2 Ian Bell, Hamilton, 47points
3 Roland Uglow, crossle, 52points
4 Josh Beale, sherpa, 52
5 Roger Bricknell, facksimile, 55
6 Julian Fack, Crossle, 57
7 Andrew Bell, Hamilton, 60
8 Andy Wilks, RCAP, 63
9 Dave Rance, Crossle, 67
10 Richard Robarts, RB7, 79
11 Arthur Carroll, sherpa, 87
12 Simon Kingsley, Crossle, 89
13 Mike Readings, sherpa Indy, 97
14 George Watson, CAP, 98
15 Ian Fullwood, CAP 103

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