17th March 2018

Stuart Butterfield Sporting Trial

Event Report

Sharp opens his account.

Stuart Butterfield Sporting Trial
Yorkshire Sports Car Club
15 starters

Yorkshire Sports Car Club and hardworking clerk of the course Martin Grimwood had to change venue twice for the Stuart Butterfield Sporting Trial, moving from Yorkshire to Cumbria due to landowner issues and then from Gale Hall to the BTRDA Gold Star venue Eden Hall due to snow. Richard Sharp followed on from the opening rounds second overall to win the coveted trophy dropping just eleven points following a three way tie at lunchtime. Six hills were attempted four times in bitter wind and sleet showers with Sharp taking the win by four points from Bryan Walker and top live axle Bob Packham who was driving the venerable Kincraft built 40years ago. Walker was first to slip up in the afternoon dropping a four, followed by Packham on the final round handing the win to Sharp and his son Joe. Walker won the intermediate live class. Stuart Beare made the extremely long trip from Kent to take fourth overall ten points back from another expert live axle winner Mike Salton with class runner up Brian Thornton completing the top ten overall. Barry Hogg won the intermediate independent class in sixth from John Cole in ninth. NPTCC Club Chairman Andrew Woodhead finished in eighth overall just behind Boyd Webster who was top all conquering Crossle driver. The top seven overall were all driving different manufacturer cars.

The following day was to see the Stone Trough trial up the road at Colstons near Melmerby but overnight snow forced the cancellation of this event.

1. Richard Sharp, Cartwright, 11points
2. Bryan Walker, Jedi, 15points
3. Bob Packham, Kincraft, 15points
4. Stuart Beare, Sherpa Indy, 25points
5. Mike Salton, Concord, 37points
6. Barry Hogg, Hamilton, 37points
7. Boyd Webster, Crossle, 40points
8. Andrew Woodhead, Jedi, 42points
9. John Cole, Crossle, 47points
10. Brian Thornton, Kincraft 53points

Event Details

The Stuart Butterfield Sporting Trial run by Yorkshire Sports Car Club – VENUE CHANGE – now Gale Hall, Melmerby, Cumbria.
Regs & Entry Form available for download



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