8th September 2018

Stone Trough Sporting Trial

Event Report

Bryan Walker convincingly won the rescheduled Stone Trough Sporting Trial, the opening round of the second half of the season. NPTCC postponed their event in March due to snow and Gale Hall proved a fabulous challenge with an added rain shower at lunchtime. Walker led all day to finish well clear of a returning Simon Kingsley. Peter Fensom completed the podium ahead of British championship leader Ian Wright who had to recover from a catastrophic ten on the first round. A large gap to Richard Sharp saw the remaining six of the top ten covered by just ten points ahead of George Watson, Jerome Fack and Stuart Beare. Barry Hogg won the intermediate independent class just inside the top ten overall just behind best clubman Jeff Armistead who was best live axle. Chris Hodgson continued in his first year back into the sport with veteran Robin Jager passengering to win the Rookie class from Mike Storrar.

1. Bryan Walker, Jedi, 14
2. Simon Kingsley, Crossle, 25
3. Peter Fensom, Hamilton, 30
4. Ian Wright, Sherpa Indy, 36
5. Richard Sharp, Cartwright, 50
6. George Watson, Hamilton, 54
7. Jerome Fack, MSR, 56
8. Stuart Beare, Sherpa Indy, 57
9. Jeff Amistead, Hutton, 60
10. Barry Hogg, Hamilton, 61

Event Details

The Stone Trough Trophy Sporting Trial – Regs & Entry available for download – first trial of the second half of the season!

Fiddled, fettled and generally tarted up your car this summer?
Well what better trial trial than the Stone Trough to test your hoped for improvements! Go on – you know it makes sense – make it a double and book the Robin Jager Trial for the following day!



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