17th September 2016

Robin Alexander

Event Report

Robin Alexander Sporting Trial

Saturday 17th September
MSA, BTRDA, ASWMC Championship
23 starters

Roland Uglow won on home ground at his picturesque farm on Saturday organised by Camel Vale Motor Club. Yorkshire’s Simon Kingsley pushed Uglow hard all day but slipped up two  hills from the end dropping a careless six to drop him to second overall. While fellow traveller Richard Sharp complete a close podium to also win the intermediate class from Barry Hogg who tied with Duncan Stephens ten points behind. Conditions proved extremely dry and not even high tyre pressures could stop the twenty three crews reaching unrivalled high ground on the steep venue Nick Speed had a very good day to finish sixth overall just ahead of Roger Bricknell who was top live axle. Colin Flashman won the novice class from Alan Baker.
1.       Roland Uglow, Crossle, 24points
2.       Simon Kingsley, Crossle, 27points
3.       Richard Sharp, Cartwright, 30points
4.       Duncan Stephens, Crossle, 41points
5.       Barry Hogg, Hamilton, 41points
6.       Nick Speed, Crossle, 45points
7.       Roger Bricknell, Facksimile, 46points
8.       Colin Flashman, MSR, 48points
9.       George Watson, Hamilton, 48points
10.   Jerome Fack, MSR, 51points

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