23rd April 2017

Pennine Trial

Event Report

Uglow dominance continues

Penine Sporting Trial
Airedale and Pennine MC
28 starters
Longnor, Derbyshire

Roland Uglow continued to dominate, having missed the last round, to take his third win of the season, with  passenger Alison Gibbs back in the car.
On a dry day in Derbyshire Uglow won by just a single point from Richard Sharp who won the last event who also tied with Peter Fensom to complete the podium.
John Fack finished in fourth just ahead of Andy Wilks and Simon Kingsley. Twenty points back in seventh was Bob Packham who borrowed Mike Salton’s car to finish top blue live axle just ahead of reigning Gold Star champion Josh Veale who continues to get used to his new independent car.
Mike Salton was top clubman in ninth, three points behind Packham. Top red live axle was Brian Thornton in thirteenth just ahead of Stuart Beare.
Top blue independent driver was Mike Readings in fifteenth taking the last MSA point. Bill Bourne in just his second trial won top Rookie in a creditable twenty fourth.

1. Roland Uglow, Crossle, 15
2. Richard Sharp, Cartwright, 16
3. Peter Fensom, Hamilton, 16
4. John Fack, MSR, 22
5. Andy Wilks, Crossle, 27
6. Simon Kingsley, Crossle, 28
7. Bob Packham, Concord, 46
8. Josh Veale, Sherpa, 48
9. Mike Salton, Concord, 49
10. Julian Fack, Crossle, 51

Event Details

Join the Airedale and Pennine Motor Club at Averillside Farm, Warslow, Buxton SK17 0LW for a look at one of the most challenging Sporting Trial sites in the country. A popular event with all of the top drivers coveting the Trophy.
It was once said that winning the Pennine was the ultimate prize.


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