16th October 2016

Mercian Trial

Event Report

Kingsley wins two on trot

Mercian Sporting Trial
Coventry & Warwickshire Motor Club
MSA, BTRDA Championships
28 starters

Simon Kinglsey and John Fack had a daylong tussle for the lead of the Mercian Sporting trial in sunny conditions. Overnight rain was expected to make the ground deteriate rapidly but it offered a surprising amount of grip all day. At lunch Fack and Kingsley were tied on seventeen, but Fack immediately slipped up at a four let his first win for nearly two years slip away. Kingsley continued to trickle superbly everywhere to take the win by seven points after Fack also slipped up on his last hill, making it two overall wins in three trials.
Behind Ian Veale and Duncan Stephens also had a close tussle separated by just two points come the end in Veale's favour. Champion elect Roland Uglow finished one point behind of his challenger Richard Sharp who won the intermediate class again in fifth, with Jerome Fack runner up in the class just outside the top ten after a much improved afternoon. Meanwhile star drive of the day was Mike Salton who had ventured out of the north for the first time, won the novice class, finished eighth overall and top live axle ahead of veteran Roger Bricknell and Josh Veale who completed the top ten in their live axles. Colin Flashman finished runner up in the novice class behind Salton.
The event also saw the MSA Inter-Association team sporting trial whereby the South West entered three teams, West Midlands two and North one representing the vast majority of the entry. With teams consisting of three drivers aggregate scores unbelievably the South West team og John Fack, Andy Wilks and Colin Flashman beat the Northern team of Simon Kingsley, Richard Sharp and Boyd Webster by just a single point, dropping a total of 148marks. The second South West team of Roland Uglow, Duncan Stephens and Jerome Fack finished a further point further back to all's amazement.


  1.     Simon Kingsley / Jo Edwards, Crossle, 24points
  2.     John Fack / Andy Gowen, MSR, 31
  3.     Ian Veale / Sandy Veale, Sherpa, 34
  4.     Duncan Stephens / Tristan Veale, Crossle, 36
  5.     Richard Sharp / Joe Sharp, Cartright, 41
  6.     Roland Uglow / Allison Gibbs, Crossle, 42
  7.     Andy Wilks / Mark Smith, RCAP, 42
  8.     Mike Salton / Beth Carroll, Concord, 42
  9.     Roger Bricknell / Julia Bricknell, Facksimile, 47
  10.     Josh Veale / James Washer, Sherpa, 54

MSA Inter – Association Team Trial Results

  1.     ASWMC Team 2 (John Fack, Andy Wilks, Colin Flashman) 148points
  2.     ANCC Team (Simon Kingsley, Richard Sharp, Boyd Webster) 149points
  3.     ASWMC Team 1 (Duncan Stephens, Roland Uglow, Jerome Fack) 150points


Event Images

Event Details


Coventry & Warwickshire Motor Club, on behalf of the Association of West Midlands Motor Clubs (the Host
Association), invites you to take part in the 2016 Inter-Association Team Challenge.

Each Team Entrant listed below is required to also enter the above Event as an individual, be eligible to enter this
Event, complete an Event Entry Form and pay the Event Entry Fee.


Each Team Entrant must be a paid-up member of a member Club of the Association which they are representing,
although one guest competitor will be permitted if a visiting Association is unable to field three cars. The Host
Association will liaise with the organising Club to nominate this guest competitor.


Each Team will consist of 3 cars and 3 drivers. No Competitor may be in more than one team. A Team
may include no more than 2 Experts (Red Class).

Each Association may nominate one reserve competitor – see below – who will be automatically included in the team
results if, and only if, an original team member fails to be classified as a finisher.

No change to Team Members will be permitted after the start of the first car on the Event.

The Results will be calculated by taking the total marks of all 3 team members to obtain the score for the Team. The
Team with the lowest total will be declared the winners. In the event of a tie the Team with the highest placed individual
finisher overall will be the winner.


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