25th November 2012


Event Report

Former British sporting trials champion Duncan Stephens won his first sporting trial for eighteen months at the Jonson trial near Melton Mowbray on Sunday, with girlfriend Helen Bourne passengering for the first time. Duncan led the trial all day with two superb climbs during the first round to open an early five point lead. Andrew Bell, out for the first time since September, was running two cars behind and finished second overall just three points behind at the end. 2012 British champion Tom Bricknell dropped a three on his first hill having "not studied the section thoroughly", and scrambled back to third overall in sunny conditions and enjoying the lack of championship pressure!

Roland Uglow made the trip from Cornwall and finished fourth, but hit a six post on the first round, that cost him the overall win but closed in on second in the British championship with one round remaining next week. John Fack and Josh Veale finished fifth and sixth with Veale winning the intermediate class with another fine drive in amazingly dry conditions, despite all the standing water locally in Leicestershire. A tight scoring day resulted in the top ten been covered by just sixteen points. Roger Bricknell and Simon Kingsley tied for seventh, with Steve Courts ninth (with top male passenger Jim Knifton) and Ian Bell completing the top ten on just twenty points, however Bell drove the wrong side of a nine post on his first hill costing him fifth overall. Tom Stevenson won the novice class in seventeenth place from John Cole.

Duncan Stephens / Helen Bourne, Crossle, 4points
Andrew Bell / Beth Carroll, Hamilton, 7points
Tom Bricknell / Sara Dyer, Crossle, 8points
Roland Uglow / Laura Wilks, Crossle, 9points
John Fack / Maxine Fack, MSR, 12points
Josh Veale / Jess Fack, Sherpa, 12points
Roger Bricknell / Julia Bricknell, Facksimile, 13points
Simon Kingsley / Jo Edwards, Crossle, 13points
Steve Courts / Jim Knifton, Facksimile, 16points
Ian Bell / Russell Sharp, Hamilton, 20points

Event Details

I am pleased to attach the regs and entry form for this event which will
now be run by BTRDA in place of Peterborough Motor Club. The site is
that used in previous years at Eaton. Despite this late notification ,I
hope that it will be possible for you to enter. In view of this,if it is
helpful , please let me know essential details by E-mail or phone before
the closing date and then either post or bring the completed form and
payment to the event. I look forward to this event and wish you all an
enjoyable and safe day's sport.
Lynn Jones


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