6th May 2018

Jiggers Jug Sporting Trial

Event Report

Hogg Spoons the Jug

Jiggers Jug Sporting Trial
Northern Pheonix Sporting Trials Club
24 starters
Groglin, Penrith

Barry Hogg, and his wife Joanne passengering sprung a surprise at the challenging blue bell covered Jiggers Jug Sporting trial to take their maiden BTRDA championship trial overall win on Sunday.
The leading three were closely matched all day with Bryan Walker continuing to drive well to second beating stalwart Martin Grimwood on a tie break. Ten points further back were Richard Sharp who beat fellow Cartwright driver Bill Rhodes by two points.
Fourth to tenth overall were covered by just five points with young Mike Salton being highest placed Clubman and live axle in seventh having tied with Stuart Beare who had made the longest journey from Kent. Paul Price finished in sixth and top none local (northern) driver.
Brian Thornton in his venerable Kincraft finished in twelve and best red live axle, two places ahead of similarly mounted Bob Packham who led the intermediate live class. Meanwhile returning Chris Hodgson won the rookie class from Mike Storrar with Neville Collett returning in his historic trial spec Cannon.

Barry Hogg, Hamilton, 41
Bryan Walker, Jedi, 46
Martin Grimwood, Crossle, 46
Richard Sharp, Cartwright, 56
Bill Rhodes, Cartwright, 58
Paul Price, CAP, 58
Mike Salton, Concord, 59
Stuart Beare, Sherpa Indy, 59
Jeff Armistead, Hutton, 60
Peter Fensom, Hamilton, 61

Report: Duncan Stephens

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