28th April 2013


Event Report

Following a recount of zero's Ian Wright won the Jacobean trial. Roland Uglow thought he had won the last running of the Jacobean Sporting trial, dating back to 1946 when his distant cousin won overall by keep in clean and tidy with few mistakes. Extremely slippery early conditions proved very challenging with Ian Wright taking an early lead, which he nearly released on his penultimate section failing the middle climb to drop a seven. Ian Bell could also have won, having dropped a seven on his first hill, he stalled on his last hill to collect another five points dropping him back to fourth overall behind British championship challenger Tom Bricknell. Bricknell started with some subdued climbs following the BTRDA 75th celebrations the night before completing the podium. Andy Wilks won the intermediate class in sixth from George Watson and Paul Price. Alan Ede made the long trip from Cornwall to win the novice class, in a brilliant tenth overall, from John Cole and Keil Wright.

1 Roland Uglow, Crossle, 14points
2 Ian Wright, Sherpa Indy, 14points
3 Tom Bricknell, Crossle, 16points
4 Ian Bell, Hamilton, 17points
5 John Fack, MSR, 17points
6 Andy Wilks, RCAP, 22points
7 George Watson, CAP, 31points
8 Paul Price, CAP, 32points
9 Nick Speed, Crossle, 34points
10 Alan Ede, Kincraft, 36points

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