25th April 2010


Event Report

 Duncan Stephens dominates ahead of Ian Wright and Steve Courts.

Organiser: London Car Club Where: Long Compton, Banbury When: April 25th Championships: MSA, BTRDA, ASWCC Starters 40


Duncan Stephens starred at the Jacobean Sporting Trial on Sunday, excelling in the early damp conditions to win on nearly a third of the score of MSA championship leader Ian Wright. Conditions soon dried and Steve Courts finished in third and top live axle car just ahead of the chasing pack of Ian Bell, who rued a wrong gear on his first hill, finishing fourth four points ahead of John Ridley who won the intermediate class from Stuart Beare in eighth. Stuart was pleased to get the better of Monty Peters in their own little personal battle of Sussex drivers! Arthur Carroll won the novice class from Jim Davidson, in a promising seventeenth of forty competitors.


1 Duncan Stephens/Jade Bray (Crosslé) 18marks; 2 Ian/Bianca Wright (Sherpa Indy) 31m; 3 Steve Courts/Jim Knifton (Facksimile) 48m; 4 Ian Bell/Russell Sharp (Hamilton) 49m; 5 John Ridley/Karen Robinson (Sherpa) 52m; 6 Thomas Bricknell/Becky Lodge (Crosslé) 54m; 7 Roland Uglow/Laura Wilks (Crosslé) 54m; 8 Stuart Beare/Mike Rigby (Sherpa Indy) 55m; 9 Monty Peters/John Bundock (Apex 4) 56m; 10 Andy Wilks/Mark Smith (RCAP) 58m; 11 Julian Fack/Meg Marrian (X-Factor) 71m; 12 Andy Bell/Paul Baron (Crosslé) 73m; 13 John/Maxine Fack (MSR) 78m; 14 Dave Rance/Josh Veale (Crosslé) 80m; 15 George/Victoria Watson (CAP) 80


Photographs availbe from Syd Wall – please contact him direct at sydwall@btinternet.com


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