2nd December 2012


Event Report

Paul Faulkner won his first British championship trial in recent times at the final round, the Gloucester trial dropping just eight points all day in the oldest running trial in the calendar which dates back to 1904.

Despite recent flooding in the county conditions proved extremely dry and grippy all day resulting in low scores. Josh Veale led from the start having only dropped a single point by lunch, but with tyre pressures raised for the afternoon Veale clipped a pole on his penultimate hill letting Faulkner in to win. Veale did however do enough to retain his REIS ASWMC title. Faulkner proved a very popular winner, having started trialling in 1963, and the ninth different winner of the season. Jerome Fack drove equally consistently to finish runner up just a point behind and complete an intermediate class podium.

2012 British sporting trials champion Tom Bricknell finished fourth, a point ahead of one of his employees Jason Daniel who qualified for the BTRDA final in Jamuary. Fellow Cornishman Roland Uglow finished another point behind securing him third in the British championship. Richard Robarts finished ahead of Ian Veale and Pat Henson (following an engine overhaul last month) who tied a point ahead of reigning BTRDA gold star champion John Fack, twin brother of Jerome in second. Richard Thomas won the novice class.

A scoring day saw the top ten covered by just nine points the majority been drivers living in the South West of the country and the normal experts class of drivers struggling with only four in the top ten.

1 Paul Faulkner, Sherpa Indy, 8points
2 Jerome Fack, SRB, 9
3 Josh Veale, Sherpa, 10
4 Tom Bricknell, Crossle, 11
5 Jason Daniel, Concord, 12
6 Roland Uglow, Crossle, 13
7 Richard Robarts, RB7, 15
8 Ian Veale, Sherpa IRS, 16
9 Pat Henson, Facksimile, 16
10 John Fack, MSR, 17

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