8th May 2016

Four Turnings

Event Report

Four Turnings
Camel Vale Motor Club

St Tudy, Camelford
BTRDA, ASWMC Championships
13 starters

Roland Uglow won the Four Turning trial in Cornwall, his fourth win of the first half of the season as the BTRDA championship breaks for the summer. Uglow lead all day to win comfortably from Duncan Stephens by seventeen points. The bluebell and garlic sections offered very little grip and required an extremely delicate use of the accelerator and building of momentum, and saw most competitors puzzled by instantaneous loss of grip and failure. Andy Wilks continued his good run of recent events completing the podium closely followed by BTRDA championship leader and intermediate class winner Richard Sharp who had made the long trip from Yorkshire after a costly mistake just after lunch. Master trickler Roger Bricknell finished top live axle in fifth, ahead of Colin Flashman who won the novice class and was the only competitor to climb one hill. Jerome Fack finished in seventh and second intermediate driver, with last years winner Peter Fensom and David Hailes tying, while John Cole finished on a high cleaning his last hill that had only seen Uglow climb to finish second in the novice class just behind. Fresh championship registrant Jess Fack shared her Dad’s car and finished a creditable twelve overall.

1.       Roland Uglow / Ben Uglow, Crossle, 22
2.       Duncan Stephens / Jo Edwards, Crossle, 39
3.       Andy Wilks / Mark Smith, RCAP, 49
4.       Richard Sharp / Joe Sharp, Cartwright, 51
5.       Roger Bricknell / Julia Bricknell, Facksimile, 55
6.       Colin Flashman / Neil Chapman, MSR, 59
7.       Jerome Fack / Sam Fack, MSR, 69
8.       Peter Fensom / Liz Fensom, Hamilton, 72
9.       David Hailes / Mark Ault, Facksimile, 72
10.   John Cole / Anne Cole, Crossle, 75
11.   Mike Wevill / Sean Hartley, Crossle, 101
12.   Jess Fack / Sam Fack, MSR, 144

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