13th May 2018

Four Turnings Sporting Trial

Event Report

Fack slips clean on bluebells.

Four Turnings
Camel Vale Motor Club
10 starters
Camelford, Cornwall

Jerome Fack won only his second BTRDA trial in many years trialling at his local Four Turnings sporting trial in extremely challenging conditions, assisted by Duncan Stephens over the twenty four hills. With heavy overnight rain making the bluebells even more slippery sensible hills saw all the crews challenged on every hill needing expert trickling and also very subtle trickling with perfect judgement of pace.
Monday’s winner Peter Fensom ended up Fack’s closest challenger nine points behind with Andy Wilks back driving completing the podium having excelled on one hill all morning gaining twelve points on Fack on four attempts.
George Watson finished fourth a point ahead of reigning British champion Roland Uglow with Richard Sharp sixth running out of gas as he got back to the van.
Twenty points behind Colin Flashman beat John Cole won the intermediate independent class from Mike Wevill. For the first time no live axle cars were present, with the field all being independent rear suspension cars.
Fack became the sixth different winner of the season’s nine trials.

Jerome Fack / Duncan Stephens, MSR, 38points
Peter Fensom / Liz Fensom, Hamilton, 47
Andy Wilks / Mark Smith, Crossle, 49
George Watson / Victoria Watson, Hamilton 54
Roland Uglow / Beth Carroll, Crossle, 55
Richard Sharp / Joe Sharp, Cartwright, 57
Colin Flashman / Neil Chapman, MSR, 73
John Cole / Anne Cole, Crossle, 77
Mike Wevill / Sean Hartley, Crossle, 90
Alan Murton / Andrew Lewington, BAM, 107

Report: Duncan Stephens

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