18th September 2016

David Ayers

Event Report

David Ayres Sporting Trial

Launceston and North Cornwall Motor Club
MSA, BTRDA, ASWMC Championship
18 starters
Roland Uglow led the David Ayres sporting trial all day to take his seventh win of the season with ease just five miles from home. The top three finishers remained the same as the last two trials, but this time intermediate class leader took the runner up spot ahead of Simon Kingsley. Eight challenging hills had been laid out making the most of the bump nature of the venue and a heavy dew punished mistakes quickly. Roger Bricknell improved from the preceeding trial to finish in fourth and only live axle in the top ten. Meanwhile Alan Murton had a fantastic day taking second in the intermediate class in fifth ahead of John Fack who had repaired the steering on his car overnight, while also tying with fellow MSR mounted Colin Flashman who took the novice class award from John Cole.
1.       Roland Uglow, Crossle, 11points
2.       Richard Sharp, Cartwright, 17points
3.       Simon Kingsley, Crossle, 19points
4.       Roger Bricknell, Facksimile, 25points
5.       Alan Murton, BAM, 31points
6.       John Fack, MSR, 32points
7.       Colin Flashman, MSR, 32points
8.       Barry Hogg, Hamilton, 38points
9.       Jerome Fack, MSR, 39points
10.      John Cole, Crossle, 42points

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