19th September 2010

David Ayers

Event Report


Ian Wright made it a double victory weekend by winning the David Ayres Sporting Trial on Sunday to move a step closer to regaining the MSA championship he last won in 1998. Roland Uglow finished a distant second overall ahead of a excellent drive by Monty Peters in third. Simon Kingsley made up of the disappointment in retiring the day before to finish fourth ahead of Mike Readings who was testing new pattern tyres. Mike Wevill won the novice class again finishing inside the top ten overall.


  1. Ian Wright (Sherpa Indy) 4marks
  2. Roland Uglow (Crosslé) 12marks
  3. Monty Peters (Apex) 14 marks
  4. Simon Kingsley (Crosslé) 18 marks
  5. Mike Readings (Sherpa Indy) 19 marks
  6. Ian Bell (Hamilton) 23 marks
  7. Calvin Kneebone (Kincraft) 26 marks
  8. Andrew Bell (Crosslé) 26 marks
  9. Martin Grimwood (Crosslé) 33 marks
  10. Richard Waterhouse (Sherpa Indy) 34 marks
  11. Steve Courts (Facksimile) 38 marks
  12. Jason Daniel (Concord) 39 marks
  13. Paul Price (CAP) 39 marks
  14. Richard Robarts  (RB7) 41 marks

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