25th September 2016

Charles Pollard

Event Report

Bricknell surprises all

Peterborough Motor Club

MSA, BTRDA Championship 
Uppingham, Leicestershire 
18 starters

Roger Bricknell and wife Julia sprung a huge surprise by winning the Charles Pollard sporting trial, named after his father in law, more than five years since his last national win. 
Bricknell judged the pace needed to perfection after overnight rain saw conditions dry during the day and was thrilled to win again. John Fack kept Bricknell honest all day just five points behind and championship leader Roland Uglow completing the podium six further back while busy filming for television. 
Peter Fensom returned from the summer break to claim fourth from northerner Bryan Walker with Barry Hogg next and winner of the intermediate class from Stuart Beare in eighth overall. John Cole won the novice class.

1 Roger Bricknell, Facsimile, 45
2 John Fack, MSR, 50
3 Roland Uglow, Crossle, 56
4 Peter Fensom, Hamilton, 61
5 Bryan Walker, Jedi, 64
6 Barry Hogg, Hamilton, 71
7 George Watson, Hamilton, 73
8 Stuart Beare, Sherpa indy, 80
9 Dave Rance, Crossle, 89
Green class John Cole, Crossle, 117

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