2nd March 2014

Golden Springs Car Trial

Event Report

Mark Hoppe won his first British championship level car trial in the ex Nick Pollitt Citroen Saxo at the Golden Springs trial. The atrocious conditions rapiidly worsened, forcing a shortened event.

Hoppe took an early lead during the first round, climbing just one hill in the new car class, to lead past multiple champion Barrie Parker by ten points. Parker had once again borrowed his wife's Renault Clio for the event. Bill Moffatt borrowed son John's championship-winning Vauxhall Nova to dominate the front wheel drive class and drop least marks with his normal trickling skills transferred to front wheel drive. Dave Harvey took an early lead in the rear wheel drive class by five points, but over the second and decisive round past ASWMC champion Dave Robinson closed in to tie with Harvey but lose on the tie-break. Moffatt extended his class lead to finish third overall. Parker got used to front wheel drive again to take seven points off Hoppe and finish three behind. Heavy rain resulted in grip been almost impossible to find and traversing the venue equally hard. Meanwhile Andy Webb slipped further behind Parker to finish third in class, three points ahead of Peter Houghton who had travelled to Somerset all the way from Yorkshire.

1.Mark Hoppe, Citroen Saxo, 90.3%
2.Barrie Parker, Renault Clio, 93.7%
3.Bill Moffatt, Vauxhall Nova, 100%
4.Dave Harvey, Hillman Imp, 100%
5.David Robinson, Reliant SS1, 100%
6.Andy Webb, Alfa Romeo 147, 111.1%
7.Peter Houghton, Hyundai Getz, 114.6%
8.Brian Alexander, Suzuki X90, 116%
9.Shawn Franklin, Fiat Punto, 123.9%
10.Chris Judge, Nissan Micra, 136.8%

Event Details

Our second event of the season and our most southerly, being 7 miles north of Dorchester off the A37 Yeovil road. Woolbridge Motor Club look forward to receiving your early entry and a good turnout for their national status trial.


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