1st June 2019


Event Report

Rupert North continued his excellence in Welsh car trials to narrowly win the Derwydd event last Saturday over fellow Yorkshireman Henry Kitching. North ended Gary Preston dominance of the front wheel drive class with a nine point win and the biggest class enabled him to win overall. Henry Kitching won the new car class in his Corsa loosing out on overall by the narrowest margins having tussled all day with Trevor Moffatt. Twenty four tough steep hills challenged all crews ending in a high scoring day despite the sunny conditions with Mark Hoppe being lowest points lost in his Melos only climbing seven sections all day, all in the afternoon, which netted him third overall. Barrie Parker made a couple of mistakes costing him any chance of beating Hoppe. Graham Price finished third in the new car class and seventh overall in his TDi Lupo, just ahead of BTRDA Allrounders one car challenger Simon Harris’ TDi Lupo who only just beat Sion Rhistart naturally aspirated diesel Peugeot 205. Mark Turner completed the top ten in his Street KA.

  1. Rupert North, Rover Mini, 84.1%
  2. Henry Kitching, Vauxhall Corsa, 84.6%
  3. Mark Hoppe, Dutton Melos, 89.2%
  4. Trevor Moffatt, Vauxhall Corsa, 90.1%
  5. Gary Preston, Fiat 127, 92.1%
  6. Barrie Parker, Westfield, 98.7%
  7. Graham Price, VW Lupo, 113.4%
  8. Simon Harris, VW Lupo, 119%
  9. Sion Rhistart, Peugeot 205, 120.8%
  10. Mark Turner, Ford KA, 127.3%

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Event Details

Day 1 of this year’s first Welsh Weekend, c/o the friendly Bala & District MC, brings us to the Derwydd trial and as if this isn’t enough the following day we have a new event to fill an unexpected vacancy.

Please enter via the Bala & District MC web site at:  Bala & DMC



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  • 14th March 2019

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