29th September 2019

Whitchurch Motor Club – Firefly Autotests

Event Report

The final round of the Demon Tweeks BTRDA Autotest Championship was held at the sponsor’s own premises in Wrexham, where Whitchurch Motor Club laid out three tests, each to be attempted four times to count for awards. This year is also the 50th anniversary of the Motorsport UK’s championship being run, and the first winner, Brian Coe, who used a road going Mini Cooper S, was on hand to present the awards at the end of the day. The wind and rain which was forecast duly arrived as the first tests were attempted, and showed the marked difference between the concrete paving of the first test, no grip at all, and the asphalt paving of the second and third tests, lots of grip between the puddles, and demanded the highest concentration to avoid penalties.
With Alastair Moffatt having secured the championship at the South of Scotland event, five competitors were likely to challenge for the second and third awards, and it was Malcolm Livingston (Lindsay Special 1600) leading by 4 seconds from Willie Keaning (Striker 1800) and Dave Mosey (Mini 1430) after the first round. Mosey was in charge of the Mini class, whilst Anglesey based Lee Matthews (Nova 1400) lead the saloons class from Toby Cook (Micra 1275) by 7 seconds. Chris Chapman (RAW Striker 1700) and Steve Morten (RAW Striker 1800) followed Keaning in the sports cars, whilst Dave Evans (Blitz Special 2000) and Mark Thornton (Mini Special 1600) were 5 seconds behind Livingston.
The second round saw few changes as the rain eased off for a few moments, but the lunchtime scoreboard showed some significant changes. Mosey had taken a 9 second overall lead from Keaning, he then 3 seconds ahead of Livingston who had gained a maximum penalty on test 8. Mosey also lead the Minis by 28 seconds, but the saloon car class was turned upside down by Cook taking some stunning times from Matthews, who was now 27 seconds behind.
Keaning now had a 5 second lead over Chapman, but father Ian Chapman (Xmoor Riot 1700) was now 9 seconds behind him in third place, Morten having picked up a maximum penalty when his gearbox broke. Despite his penalty, Livingston just retained his class lead over a hard charging Thornton, finally getting to grips with his Mini Special, by 3 seconds. Evans was a further 7 seconds back, but Paul Fobister (Fobby Special 1600) was losing ground having broken a throttle cable mid-test.
The wind and rain closed in for the single afternoon round, where Mosey continued to set the pace over Livingston, and the performance of the day surely came from Thornton and his Mini Special taking 3rd overall by half a second from Keaning. Evans finished a further 2 seconds behind, with Chris Chapman just 2/10ths back. Mosey retained his margin of victory in the Mini class, and Cook extended his saloon class lead over Matthews to 42 seconds. Keaning retained his slender sports car lead over Chris Chapman, but Morten retired with another broken gearbox, leaving Ian Chapman 3rd, just 8 seconds behind. Livingston retained the specials class from Thornton, with Evans a slender 3 seconds further back
Event results were announced at a local buffet reception, where Brian Coe presented the awards. With Moffatt, Livingston, and Chapman finishing the championship as the top three, and Keaning and Fobister in close attendance, and given the return of Dave Mosey and Richard Pinkney, and the discovered speed of Dave Evans and Mark Thornton, here’s to next year!
1st Dave Mosey Mini Saloon 1430 670-9 secs
2nd Malcolm Livingston Lindsay Special 1600 676-6
3rd Mark Thornton Mini Special 1600 686-0
4th Willie Keaning Striker 1800 686-5
5th Dave Evans Blitz Special 2000 688-8
Demon Tweeks BTRDA Autotest Championship 2019 Provisional Scores;-
1st Alastair Moffatt Mini Special 1400 140 pts Champion
2nd Malcolm Livingston Lindsay Special 1600 134
3rd Chris Chapman RAW Striker 1700 128
4th Willie Keaning Striker 1800 125
5th Paul Fobister Fobby Special 1600 114

Event Details

The final round of the BTRDA Autotest Championship



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