23rd April 2017

Whitchurch Motor Club Autotest

Event Report

Results & Report now available.

Dave Mosey (Mini) and Chris Chapman (RAW Striker) tied for first place overall in the Firefly Autotest held at the Harper Adams University in Telford on Sunday. John Moffatt (Westfield Seven) was third overall after collecting the only penalty between the top three cars in the whole event. 3 tests were run 5 times during the day, held in cark parks around the university, where the specials of Malcolm Livingston and Dave Evans were not so dominant for once. Chris Chapman put his stamp on proceedings by taking an early lead after 3 tests, with John Moffatt just 1 second behind, whilst Dave Mosey, Malcolm Livingston (Lindsay Special), and Dave Evans (Blitz Special) were all a further 2 seconds back.

After 9 tests the lunchtime scoreboard now showed that Dave Mosey held a slender 1 tenth of a second lead over Chris Chapman with John Moffatt just 8 tenths of a second further back. Malcolm Livingston continued in fourth place, but now had Dave Fox (Mini) chasing in fifth after Dave Evans collected a penalty.

The 6 afternoon tests saw Moffatt collect his single 5 second penalty of the day on test 12, whilst Mosey, Chapman, Livingston, Fox and Evans all continued at undiminished speed without any penalties between them. Moffatt made one last charge over the final 3 tests, leaving Livingston, Fox, and Evans in his wake, but was unable to catch the leading two. The tie between Mosey and Chapman was resolved by reference to the first three tests, where Chapman was an emphatic 2 seconds quicker than Mosey.

Event Details

Regulations for the Whitchurch Motor Club Autotest, which will be held at Harper Adams University, can now be downloaded.


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