2nd September 2018

Loughborough Car Club

Event Report

Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground was the warm and sunny venue for the final round of the Demon Tweeks BTRDA Autotest Championship on Sunday. Loughborough Car Club had laid out three test sites, each to be attempted six times by the 17 competitors. Of the leading competitors, both Malcolm Livingston (Lindsay Special 1600) and Chris Chapman (RAW Striker 1700) collected a 5 second penalty on just the second test, whilst Dave Evans’  Blitz Special 2000’s challenge faded away with 3 penalties during the second round.

Richard Pinkney (Caterham Seven 1600) and Dave Mosey (Mini Special 1430) both collected penalties on the third round, and  at the halfway point, Dave Mosey had a slender 2 second lead over Richard Pinkney and Malcolm Livingston, who were in turn a further 4 seconds ahead of Chris Chapman. In the salon car class, Warren Gillespie (Nova 1800) held a 26 second lead over Toby Cook (Micra 1300) who was a further 4 seconds ahead of Mark Thornton (Nova 1800).

The afternoon tests saw the only mechanical failure of the day when Warren Gillespie broke a driveshaft on test 12. He just retained his lead in the saloon cars by 1 second, changed the shaft, and carried on at undiminished speed. The leading contenders continued penalty free except for Chris Chapman and Dave Evans who collected a penalty apiece on round 5, leaving Malcolm Livingston with a half second lead over Dave Mosey, and Richard Pinkney a further 3 seconds back in third place. The drama of the day was reserved for the very last test, where Dave Mosey collected a 5 second line penalty, dropping him to finish 2 seconds behind Pinkney.

The final placings saw Malcolm Livingston take overall honours by 3 seconds from Richard Pinkney, with Dave Mosey a further 2 seconds back. Chris Chapman was another 8 seconds behind, with Steve Morten, who was penalty free all day, finishing in 5th overall. Warren Gillespie won the saloon car class by 18 seconds from Toby Cook, who just beat Mark Thornton by 3 seconds.


1st          Malcolm Livingston         Lindsay Special 1600                     695.0 secs

2nd        Richard Pinkney               Caterham Seven 1600                    698.6

3rd        Dave Mosey                        Mini Special 1430                              700.2

4th         Chris Chapman                  RAW Striker 1700                             708.8

5th         Steve Morten                    RAW Striker 1800                             722.7

Demon Tweeks BTRDA Autotest Championship Final Scores;-

1st          Malcolm Livingston         Lindsay Special 1600                        137

2nd       Dave Mosey                        Mini Special 1430                              135

3rd         Dave Evans                         Blitz Special 2000                              132

4th        Chris Chapman                   RAW Striker !700                              121

5th         Richard Pinkney                 Caterham Seven 1600                   116

Event Details

Results for the final round of the BTRDA Autotest Championship are now available.



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