14th April 2019

Boundless by CSMA NE London – Juniper Autotests

Event Report

A  cold easterly wind greeted competitors to the third round of the championship held in one of the paddock car parks behind Copse Corner at Silverstone Circuit on Sunday, courtesy of the VSCC race meeting. With three open tests set out, each to be attempted a maximum of six times, competitors were going to be kept busy all day. Malcolm Livingston (Lindsay Special 1600) was fastest over the first three tests, with Richard Pinkney (Caterham 7 1600) just a second behind, and then Chris Chapman (RAW Striker 1800) and Alastair Moffatt (Mini Special 1400) each a further second back. It promised an entertaining day, but Pinkney was to go no further when his engine dropped a valve, with disastrous consequences.

The second and third rounds saw Moffatt really open up, and the lunchtime scoreboard showed him nine seconds ahead of Chapman, with Livingston five seconds further behind thanks to two penalties on each of the rounds. The class leading 1600 Mini of Dave Fox was in 4th place, having had a very consistent morning, and the Scot Willie Keaning (RAW Striker 1800) was the only other competitor within 20 seconds of Moffatt. Warren Gillespie (Nova 1800) was again leading the saloon car class, this time by 40 seconds over fellow Scot, Murray Walker (Nova 1600).

The three afternoon rounds were to hold more drama when Livingston’s engine locked solid after test 14, and went no further. Moffatt however could not relax, since Chapman was still within striking distance, and Fox could just come into play in the event of a maximum penalty for Moffatt. The end results showed Moffatt to have extended his lead over Chapman to 18 seconds, with Fox a further 20 seconds behind. Fox won the Mini class, with Gillespie retaining the saloon car class with a handsome margin over Murray Walker. With Chapman winning the sports car class, Paul Fobister (Fobby Special 1600) was left to win the specials class as the only other competitor under 1000 seconds.


1st        Alastair Moffatt               Mini Special 1400                           929.3 secs

2nd          Chris Chapman                  RAW Striker 1800                              947.7

3rd           Dave Fox                              Mini 1600                                             967.0

4th           Willie Keaning                   RAW Striker 1800                              968.7

5th           John Moffatt                      Westfield Seven 1800                     973.9


Demon Tweeks BTRDA Autotest Championship Scores;-

1st          Alastair Moffatt                Mini Special 1400                             58 pts

2nd        Willie Keaning                   RAW Striker 1800                              50

3rd       Chris Chapman                   RAW Striker 1800                              50

4th         Paul Fobister                      Fobby Special 1600                          45

5th           Ian Chapman                     Xmoor Riot 1700                               37

Event Details

Results for the third round of the BTRDA Autotest Championship can now be downloaded.



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