BTRDA Motorsports Future group is officially launched

The BTRDA Motorsports Future group was officially launched on Saturday 28 April. 

The group, which is not a closed committee, aims to represent and promote the thoughts and ideas of the newer generation of BTRDA competitors and members as well as provide support to the existing council and foundations of the organisation. 

BTRDA Motorsports Future held their first meeting on Saturday with 11 representatives present from various disciplines covered by the association. 

Former World Rally Championship co-driver Gemma Price, sporting trials competitors Duncan Stephens, Andy Gowan and Jessica Fack, autotest, rally and trials driver Alastair Moffatt, rally drivers Nathan Crewe, Jayne Auden, Amanda Cornforth and Nick Rowland, mixed discipline competitor Andrew Egger and autotester Andrew Marriott were all present at the inaugural meeting held at the Moor Hall Hotel, Sutton Coldfield.


The idea to form the BTRDA Motorsports Future came about after the organisation’s main council invited several competitors along to discuss the future of motor sport in February. The meeting was productive and as a result it was decided to form a more official group, Motorsports Future, who will meet around three to four times a year and have members input to the main BTRDA committees. The group is open to new people at every meeting and needs representatives to be present from rallycross and production car trials.


Gemma Price, 26, said: “The BTRDA Motorsports Future is not about being too formal, it’s a fun group who are passionate and want to make a difference to the sport. Our aim is to generate ideas, give our thoughts on issues, encourage newer members and competitors to the different disciplines and promote the BTRDA as well as support the main council. It’s your chance to have a say about what matters to you in motor sport and if you have a great idea to tell everyone about it.”


Duncan Stephens, 27, said: “The relaxed and more informal format and structure of the BTRDA Motorsports Future group makes a refreshing change from that of traditional committees. It’s this that I believe will be the group’s key strength. I hope that we won't have to work very hard at encouraging people to join in, I'm sure that people will just want to get involved when they hear what it's about.”


The BTRDA Motorsports Future is wholly supported by the BTRDA organisation. President Mike Broad, vice chairman Nick Pollitt and council member Richard Egger were all present at Saturday’s meeting.