16th September 2017

Robin Alexander

Event Report

Uglow wins at home again.

Robin Alexander Sporting Trial
Camel Vale Motor Club
Delabole, Cornwall

Roland Uglow won the Robin Alexander Sporting trial at his home farm for the third successive year in what turned into attrocious conditions after torrential rain at lunch. Uglow lead all day to win by five points from Simon Kingsley, these two a class of the field. Fellow Yorkshire and father son crew Richard Sharp completed the podium with a couple of fabulous trickles on the very slippery unforgiving ground. Top live axle red driver was Roger Bricknell who was travelling the ground exceptionally quickly in sixth place beating the blue independent driver of Colin Flashman in eighth, while Alan Baker was best live axle red driver. Andy Egger switched from rallying to sporting trials to finishbest rookie with reigning British championship winning passenger and girlfriend Laura Wilks. The late Robin Alexander’s son James and grandson were competing in Robin’s old car just behind Egger with a steep learning curve.

    Roland Uglow, Crossle, 52points
    Simon Kingsley, Crossle, 57
    Richard Sharp, Cartwright, 70
    Andy Wilks, Crossle, 74
    George Watson, Hamilton, 77
    Roger Bricknell, Facksimile, 82
    Peter McKinney, Crossle, 84
    Colin Flashman, MSR, 87
    Barry Hogg, Hamilton, 91
    Peter Fensom, Hamilton, 94

Report by Duncan Stephens

Roland Uglow and Beth Carroll – winners

Simon & Matt Kingsley – runners up

Event Details

1. CAMEL VALE MOTOR CLUB will organise a National B and Clubmans Permit Sporting Trial on Saturday 16th September 2017 at Trecarne Farm, Delabole, Cornwall. PL33 9DG by kind permission of Roland Uglow. Map Ref: 200 / 058 852.
2. The meeting will be held under The General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association Ltd (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and these Supplementary Regulations
3. MSA Permits – applied for.
4. The event is a qualifying round of the 2017 MSA, 2017 ASWMC Reis Motorsport Insurance Sporting Trial, 2017 BTRDA Reis Motorsport Insurance Sporting Trial and the 2017 BTRDA Nucasa Allrounders Championships. The event is open to all fully elected members of the organising club, the BTRDA, ASWMC Registered Clubs and the NPTCC.
5. All drivers must produce a valid Club Membership Card, Competition Licence and Championship registration card, if applicable. Non-championship competitors are not required to produce a competition licence.
All passengers, as per MSA Regulations, must be members of an MSA affiliated club for all National B entrants. A valid club membership card must be produced at signing on.
6. The programme of the meeting will be:
Scrutineering starts at 9:30am
Any competitor not signed on by 10:30am may be excluded.
First car starts 10:45am
7. Public roads will not be used to link sections. There will be at least 24 sections on private land. Details of the sections will be issued at signing on. The entry will be split into groups starting at different hills.
8. The event will consist of five classes as follows:
1. Red driver Independent Suspension as per the BTRDA listings.
2. Red driver Live Axle as per the BTRDA listings
3. Blue driver Independent Suspension as per the BTRDA listings
4. Blue driver Live Axle as per the BTRDA listings
5. Green Class Novice drivers as per the BTRDA listings, Clubman and all others
9. All vehicles must comply with MSA Technical Regulations. All vehicles must have effective silencing. Any vehicle deemed to be too noisy by the scrutineer, will not be allowed to start.
10. All Championship contending vehicles must use tyres as listed in the current MSA / BTRDA regulations. :
Clubman’s (non championship) may use any tyre previously listed in the Blue Book
11. Awards will be presented as follows:
Overall Winner – Robin Alexander Trophy (to be held for 11 months) & Replica
Winner of other classes – Yugo Cars GB Trophy (held for 11 months) & Replica
Winner of remaining class – Saab-Mewton Trophy (held for 11 months) & Replica
Overall Winner’s Passenger – Bouncers Award (held for 11 months) and Replica
First in Class Award (Subject to 5 starters in Class)
Second in Class Award (Subject to 9 starters in Class)
Third in Class Award (Subject to 12 starters in Class)
12. The entry list opens on receipt of these regulations and closes finally on Wednesday 13th September 2017. The entry fee is £30.00 All entries must be made on the official entry form and be accompanied by the appropriate fee.
13. The Entries Secretary to whom all entries must be sent is:
Emma Groves, Buttercup Barn, Washaway,
Bodmin, Cornwall. PL30 3AW
Tel: 01208 74658 Email: simonkgroves@hotmail.com
14. The maximum number of entries for the meeting, including reserves, is 60. The minimum is 15. The minimum for each class is 3. Should any of the minimum figures not be reached, the organisers have the right to either cancel the meeting or amalgamate the Classes as necessary. Entries will be selected by random draw. Entry fee will be refunded if notified 24 hours before the start.
15. Other Officials are:
Clerk of the Course Simon Groves
Secretary of the Meeting Emma Groves
Chief Scrutineer TBA
16. Provisional results will be published as soon as possible following the event.
17. Any protest must be lodged in accordance with the 2017 MSA Blue Book Section C
18. Competitors will be identified by numbers provided by the BTRDA.
19. Marking and penalties will be as printed in the appropriate section of the MSA General Regulations.
20. Please note, details of rounds and breaks between rounds will be announced at the start to give the Clerk and organising team chance to alter sections.
21. Note: STRICTLY NO UNAUTHORISED VEHICLES or MOTORBIKES to be taken beyond the paddock



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