30th April 2017

Jiggers Jug

Event Report

Sharps on a roll, uphill

Jiggers Jug Sporting Trial
30 starters
Reis BTRDA, NPTCC Championships
Gale Hall, near Penrith

Richard Sharp won for the second time in three trials at the Raymond Baxter Sporting Trial in Cumbria dropping just five points. Gale Hall offers massive scope on the moors and despite the dry weather Sharp dropped five points, winning clearly from Peter Fensom.
The Jiggers Jug forms the first part of the unique NPTCC two day trial which has been included in the Reis BTRDA championship for the first time. Simon Kingsley scored his best result of the year to complete the podium tying with Bryan Walker and top live axle Brian Thornton.
Bob Packham won the top blue live axle in fifteenth having returned to his Sherpa after staring last week in Mike Salton’s Concord, who finished just inside the top ten this week.
John Cole finished best blue independent driver just outside the top ten on a dry but biting cold day up high in the Lake district.

1) Richard Sharp, Cartwright, 5
2) Peter Fensom, Hamilton, 9
3) Simon Kingsley, Crossle 10
4) Bryan Walker, Jedi, 10
5) Brian Thornton, Kincraft, 10
6) Ian Veale, Sherpa, 12
7) Josh Veale, Sherpa, 13
8) Mike Salton, Concord, 14
9) Stuart Beare, Sherpa Indy, 17
10) Barry Hogg, Hamilton, 18

Event Details

Jiggers Jug Trial


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