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Sporting trials explained

Added: 27th June 2011


Sporting trials, as featured during qualifying to the European Grand Prix, are held in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Australia and New Zealand to similar formats.

Sporting Trials is the ultimate development of 2 wheel drive car trials and is unique as motor sports go. Like most trials, it's not about speed, it's all about skills and techniques.

The aim of a trial is to drive as far as you can over a laid out course (mainly uphill) without stopping. Each section is marked with numbered poles to form a twisty route up a slippery hillside. Sometimes sections will be so slippery and steep that you are unable to walk up them.

To help each driver there is a passenger in the car who moves their weight around to get the best possible traction on each wheel, as demonstrated by David Coulthard's bouncing within the grass routes motorsport feature last Saturday. Traction is also improved by the individual braking of each of the rear wheels and by using very low tyre pressures.


Click here for a Youtube link that explains how a sporting trial event runs

Cars are available from £1500 through to £30,000 but as explained by reigning British champion Ian Wright in the feature money does NOT buy success as it's all down to driver and passenger skills. http://www.sportingtrials.com/ a cars for sale section.


If you're interested:
  • Come and watch an event - events re-start in September as we don't trial in the summer season due to the climbing ability of the cars and danger thereof. Calendar (see page 4)
  • Speak to Julian Fack (07812 108588) or Ian Wright (01732 529511 - work).
  • Experience passengering - quite often drivers turn up at events without a passenger, or attend a training day (speak to either of the above)
  • Then think about buying a car - don't build your own - they are far too complicated and unique - without an indepth knowledge of the sport and will cost significantly more than £1500 to do!


How to start article


Events cost in the region of £35 to enter for a full day's sport doing about 35 sections. You will meet some great people, see some wonderful scenery and find it frustrating but incredibly rewarding as you develop your skills.


Locations (UK)

Northern Ireland (Facebook group link), Cumbria (NPTCC), South East (750MC) and Devon/Cornwall all have very active calenders in addition to the BTRDA who cover the whole country.