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Training Day a success

Added: 22nd February 2010

The BTRDA Sporting Trials Training day at Loughborough Car Club's trials site on the 20th of February attracted 11 participants, 3 of whom were women, looked after by 6 driver/instructors and their cars, which gave everyone plenty of time on the sections.

The site was in perfect condition, being grass with very damp earth underneath, so any wheelspin resulted in slick and slippery mud, whilst skillful use of the throttle was rewarded with unmarked grass and consistent progress up the hills.

Starting with totally flat "slalom" type sections which teach "fiddle" brake useage, they progressed via wide gently sloping sections to full on BTRDA standard sections on the steeper ground by the end of the afternoon.

At least two of the pupils, for whom this was their second training day  are actively looking for cars in order to start competing, and one other chose to attend the same site on the following day in order to see what a "proper" trial was like, he ended up marshaling for the day, whilst another has asked for  The Clear Round to be sent to his address.

The day was judged a success by the participants, all of whom seemed to enjoy the experience.