BTRDA® Gold Star® Champions

Gold / Silver Star Trial

Added: 18th January 2010


John McKinney drove superbly in challenging conditions to win his first Gold Star title, with his cousin Andrew McKinney winning the Silver Star.


Northern Irish champion John McKinney won the BTRDA sporting trials gold star at his second attempt by one point from defending champion Ian Wright and John Fack a further two points behind in his final appearance in his multiple championship winning Crosslé. McKinney became the first live axled car to win gold star championship in eight years in extremely wet conditions that meant the trial was shortened to two of three planned rounds due to the woodland been badly dug out and exhausted competitors. British champion Duncan Stephens finished fourth, the same as twelve months previously. Andy Wilks excelled in his first appearance in the gold star category to finish seventh ahead of six past champions.


The silver star category runs for the second teir of drivers. Pat Henson led this all day and was climbing as well as the leading championship contenders until on the final section where he ran out of fuel half way up to drop a seven which dropped him from fifth to tenth overall, but critically to runner-up place in the Silver Star. Young Andrew McKinney (John McKinney's counsin) won the Silver star by just one point from Henson. Third place in the class was Jerome Fack for the third successive year in seventeenth overall.


New Zealand champion Sidney Hurst finished in thirty seventh place not having really experienced the extreme wet woodland conditions. Having achieved his lifetime ambition of competing in the Gold Star he commented on the massive improvement in car preparation standards and the revolution of the sport since his last visit eight years previously.

Full results to follow

1 John McKinney/Peter McKinney (Concord) 51marks; 2 Ian Wright/Thomas Kingsbury (Sherpa Indy) 52m; 3 John / Maxine Fack (Crosslé) 54m; 4 Duncan Stephens/Bianca Wright (Crosslé) 61m; 5 Roland Uglow/Laura Wilks (Crosslé) 63m; 6 Richard Robarts/Dave Brown (RB7) 65m; 7 Andy Wilks/Mark Smith (RCAP) 65m; 8 Monty Peters/John Bundock (Apex 4) 66m; 9 Andrew McKinney/Chris Miller (Concord) 68m; 10 Pat Henson/Lindsey Greening (Facksimile) 69m; 11 Paul Faulkner/Gerard Phillips (Sherpa Indy) 72m; 12 Brian Edgar/Peter Flack (Crosslé) 72m; 13 Stuart/Katharine Beare (Sherpa Indy) 73m; 14 Paul Price/Alan Baker (CAP) 74m; 15 Ian/Sandy Veale (Sherpa) 75m