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Gloucester Trial - Cancelled

Added: 3rd December 2009

From Glen - event secretary....

In view of the unprecedented level of rain in the last few weeks we have visited the Trials site in the last 24 hours.

Whilst there is little problem with the site itself we could not see how we could use the paddock field.

The field is now both totally sodden and covered with long grass. Getting into the field would not be the problem - it slopes down from the gate.  Controlling cars and cars with trailers would be a major problem (and we nearly had a crash between cars at Frocester 3 years ago - and there were only 3 vehicles in the field at the time!) and getting out would be next to impossible because everyone would be travelling uphill, especially as rain is forecast for the next three days - so there is no chance of even a marginal improvement.

Whilst there is some hard standing it is judged to be grossly insufficient for 38 competitors, plus passengers, marshall and officials and Butty Van.

It is therefore with great reluctance we have decided to cancelled the trial, hopefully with suffice notice that nobody need spend a fortune on petrol.

I am sorry that we have had to take this decision.  I can assure you that every effort was made to seek a solution, but unfortunately we can't find anyone who knows how to turn off the weather.

I will try to get in touch with everyone, but do please call anyone you know you may be travelling to the Gloucester to ensure no journeys are made in vain.