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Robin Jager Clear Round Report

Added: 18th September 2007


Three regular midland trialling teams made the long trip up the M6 to NPTCC third trial of the BTRDA season at their Groglin site. This site previously having been used for two club trials including the two-day in May when the bluebells produced no grip whatsoever.


A disappointing twenty crews were to battle it out over four rounds of eight sections. Before the start our biblical master was left wondering why the trial named after him when he was still alive and kicking! In whose opinion Robin?!


The bluebells had been replaced by six foot high bracken which thankfully club members had been busy cutting paths in the day before. Having been briefed to make sure at the end of the event we fill in any ruts created (perhaps more clubs should do this to ensure long-term use of sites) all made their way to the hills heading in different directions!


With MSA title challengers John Fack and Duncan Stephens competing both were keen to get the better of each other pressures were set at 5psi. With the site having lots of undulations and bumps judging momentum would be crucial especially before the dew evaporated. After the first round John and Duncan were both on one but Dave Martin was keeping them on their toes and upholding local honour on three. Mark Milne had dropped a very costly eight on hill one somehow, leaving Richard Waterhouse fourth on six. Alastair McVittie who had lost a wheel on his trailer on the way and then injured his wrist on the fourth section called it a day before it got any worse.


Dave dropped out of contention during the second round listening to Mike Lawn's "it's like a motorway" too much and getting stuck in some ruts at the nine then taking an eight out of the ground on the next section. Time for Rollo to have words and on the next section Dave was the only clear! Generally on the second round everyone's scores dropped but conditions could catch your out anywhere so 100% concentration was needed at all times. At lunch John and Duncan was both on two, and Richard had climbed to third overall thanks to Dave's moments. Mark was beginning to redeem his early mistake and climbed to fourth overall. Barry Hogg was have a great day putting in some wonderful climbs from watching and learning from John in front of him and was leading the green class and seventh overall.


After lunch John clipped a two on his first hill and then fell in a hole on his second for a one so it was advantage Duncan. John then got his mind back in gear and produced two inspired climbs on where no-one else got passed the one to pull two back. However, by the end of the round Duncan now led on five to John's eight, with Mark travelling a great speed everywhere and into third overall. Richard scored a very odd 12 on Phil Yarwood's hill with a flat start dropping to fifth as a result. Barry Hogg had closed the gap on fellow Kincraft driver Robin Jager but was still seventh. 


Onto the final round where Duncan lost traction on a slow trickle up the straight finish of his first hill of the round so it was now getting close, then two hills later settled for a two to avoid risking hitting the three which all the previous cars had done on the tight finish of hill seven. A number of cars later, this got significantly easier with nine passing this point. Now it was advantage John who dropped an optimum two for the round. Was it enough though? Yes. After a great battle leaving both drivers exhausted John took his third win of the year by a single mark from Duncan. They then left Ian Rodman to find out what the traffic was like on the M6 by refreshing themselves in the local hostelry! Thanks for the traffic updates Ian!


Behind Mark secured third overall and best in the blue class from Dave Martin and Richard Waterhouse. Robin had a fairly lonely time in sixth with no-one to battle with. Barry had a great final round to close the gap. Chris Hodgson had a quiet day but definitely not as quiet as Bill Tiger Rhodes was by the end of the day in ninth! Rob Baxter had a challenging day in Richard Flanagan's Sherpa but as the day went on his scored significantly improved in only his third trial. 


It was great to see so many club members putting something back into the sport and leaving there cars at home and marshalling. Martin Grimwood, Geoff Pickup, Phil Yarwood, Geoff Geering and Mark Lawn to mention a few, but equally disappointing to only have an entry of twenty for such a strong club.


A fabulous days trialling in dry but very challenging sections which were altered very well by all the marshals. With scores ranging from 10 to 221, and an optimum of just 5 it shows what judgement was needed at all times. It was great to see the resistance to lay tight sections in a quest to get a result, climbing ability proved decisive in the end.


  1. John Fack / Maxine Preston (R1) 10
  2. Duncan Stephens / Andy Gowen (R2) 11
  3. Mark Milne / Chris Glaster (B1) 31
  4. Dave Martin / Rollo Twitchin (R3) 37
  5. Richard & Simon Waterhouse (B2) 41
  6. Robin Jager / Iain Robertson (B3) 55
  7. Barry Hogg / Michael Sourerby (G1) 61
  8. Chris Hodgson (B4) 73
  9. Bill & Linda Rhodes (R4) 90
  10. Bob Packham / Jeff Arnistead (C1) 95
  11. Ian Rodman / Jim Hannis (B5) 101
  12. Jeff Arnistead / Bob Packham (C2) 106
  13. Lynn Jones / Brian Atkinson (B6) 129
  14. Jeff & Joy Barton (G2) 141
  15. Brian Gibson / John Chapman (C3) 141
  16. David Halsall / Christine Shirley (C4) 147
  17. Stephen Blair / Stephen Hunter (C5) 183
Rob Baxter / Neil McHardy (C6) 221