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Sporting Trials Championship

Added: 11th May 2016

Summer Break Scoresheet Summary

The first half of the sporting trials season saw all ten events running, with a total of 195 national entries, averaging 19.5 per event with just over 15 of those been in independent cars. Some events ran with a clubman section too, the most successful of these been the Walsingham that saw the 750 MC nearly double the entry with fourteen of them alone, but we have seen over twenty other clubman entries over the events.

In total the average total entry over the first half has been 23.1 competitors, but as usual clubs have been chasing entries as their events loom.

Richard Sharp and mostly son Joe Sharp passengering lead the way at the top of the table having competed in all the events, but a broken driveshaft on the Raymond Baxter may cost them dear chasing the Ian Bell trophy at the end of the year. Second third and fourth are all within a point of each other, with Peter Fensom and Andy Wilks completing the top three, none of whom have won an event yet, with Roland behind winning four of the six he has competed in.

We have now seen Mark Milne, Jerome Fack, Duncan Stephens, Ian Wright, SImon Kingsley and Julian Fack (who hadnt won in six years just days before a eye operation) win the events that Roland hasnt. Stuart Beare was so close at the Pennine, so no doubt with a bit more practice in the autumn he will push for the top step, no doubt he will be checking scores a bit more closely at the end of events. A lesson should be learnt here to check your scores, as once the results are declared final (normally at the venue) they can not be altered even if they are obviously wrong.  

One thing that has been commented on by numerous competitors is the mixed up results we have had this half with green class drivers doing exceptionally well on some events, and red drivers not so well. Is this down to the new tyres?

Looking at the averages of the blue class drivers the Ron Faulkner trophy at the end of the year could be very close with Richard, Jerome, Boyd, and Stuart's avearges very close half way through the season. Meanwhile Mike Salton's average is very good in the green class chasing the Coin Taylor Rookie of the Year award, but will he do enough events. Ian Fullwood and John Cole will be travelling regularly and dropping scores improving their chances.

A reminder to all that "offciating" is visible in the tables, and that drivers need to claim it with myself within three weeks. No officiating will mean no entry in the Gold Star Category.