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Summer Chairman's Editorial

Added: 12th July 2007


Whilst the other BTRDA sports are in the middle of their busiest period, sporting trials drivers are taking a break from the sport, although some of them are busy in the workshop making and modifying their cars for the autumn season, which is just round the corner.  Our season is planned around the supposedly wetter winter months, but this year as been perverse in that April, when we had trials every weekend, was dry and hot, but as soon as we finished the last event, before we had even loaded up our cars, the rain started and basically has not stopped since, eight weeks on as I write.


Two of our long serving Trials Committee members have decided to step down this year, Tom Stevenson and David Bastable. Both have been invaluable members over many years and have attended almost every meeting possible in that time. David has decided to stop trialling for the time being, and has sold his Crossle, although he does intend to help Loughborough CC to run a sporting trial in the future, and will be seen marshalling from time to time, whilst Tom will continue to do events which are not too distant from his Peterborough home, as well as being one of the leading lights in managing Peterborough MC's most excellent events. I would like to thank them for their help on the committee over the years, and hope we will continue to see them both on a regular basis in the future.


On the committee we have been fortunate to attract some younger members in the last year, Duncan Stephens, current British Championship leader, and 2006 Gold Star winner, as well as his regular passenger Andy Gowen have joined and Simon Kingsley, who travels to meetings all the way from Harrogte.


One problem the Committee have been worrying about this year is the location of the Final in January. We try to move around the country as much as possible year on year, but there are real problems finding suitable sites for a big event in January. We have to park roughly twice as many cars and trailers as a normal event, and we need a suitable hotel (also with extensive parking facilities) nearby for the dinner, but most of all we have to think about the weather. Cancelling a "normal" BTRDA event is not too big a problem if the weather does not cooperate, but the Final is different, as there is a major financial commitment to the hotel. In January 2008 we are taking a risk and will be using the Derbyshire site above Leek in Staffs. The worry is the high ground, the site is about 1200 ft above sea level, and attracts some severe conditions. We know the site can cope with tough conditions, but the car parking on the moorland is limited to just one field. We will have some tractors available in January if it is as wet as it has been recently, to drag the combinations into and out of the parking, so let's hope for reasonable conditions.


Following the Race Retro Show at Stoneleigh we ran a successful training day in the Cotswolds in the Spring, but several people who wanted to come were unable to attend that date, so we will run another near Lichfield on Saturday the 29th of September. We hope to be able to combine it with a PCT training day at the same time, which will be a first!


As I mentioned above our season does not fit with the other sports, and neither does it align with the BTRDA News deadlines, so although we are "resting" at the moment, there are quite a number of events to report on since the last News, see below.